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Counterbalance Forklift Training

Counterbalance forklift truck training is one of the most sought after and popular forklift truck training courses that we offer. It has a weight to counter the balance so that the load is spread evenly across the forklift arms.

The load is projected out from the front of the machine and the forklift driver will be able to see the load in front of them.

Counterbalance Forklift training teaches the trainee the correct way to distribute the load evenly across the forklift arms and how to raise and lower the load accordingly. With a counterbalance forklift the load can be lowered or raised vertically and the forklift mast is capable of tilting both backwards and forwards to approximately 15 degrees. In practice it is usual that you will find that the most the counterbalance forklift is tilted is about 5 degrees in most cases.

The counterbalance forklift training from us teaches the candidates the exact level that they need to be at to safely operate a forklift.

Counterbalance forklift trucks are only suitable for use on firm, level ground or a prepared surface. There are many different types of attachments for the forklift arms and we ensure our forklift training service covers all these aspects.