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Narrow Aisle Forklift Truck Training

Narrow Aisle forklift truck training provides an essential service to modern day warehousing operations. Using a narrow aisle forklift truck greatly increases the number of aisles that be introduced into a warehouse fitting in aisles as small as six feet. The forklift truck industry uses two types of classification on these forklifts to describe them and they are: very narrow aisle forklifts and narrow aisle forklifts.

One of the biggest distinguishing factors with these forklift trucks are that their forklift arms are used to turn round at a right angle to the main base of the aisle truck. This mechanism allows the forklift driver to pick up the load from the side whilst maintaining the space available. As the name suggests this forklift truck is especially useful in narrow spaces and all our narrow aisle forklift truck training courses provide the operator with an accreditation certificate and I.D cards.